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Hello friends!

This week has been a good one.

It started off with a wonderful weekend. I know, I know..technically not part of the week. But it was fun, so I wanted to share!

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I hosted a pancake and pajama party for some of my girl friends. Such a blast! I’m planning on having another one and doing an entire post on it.

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Then I went to dinner and to see The Amazing Spiderman 2 with these lovely people. I haven’t seen the first movie, but I read the synopsis so I could follow along. It was definitely action-packed. And slightly depressing. But I guess Peter Parker’s life is always a little depressing.

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Sunday started out with a delicious brunch at this darling bakery.

Then coffee delivery for my sweet friend’s wedding!

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And multiple selfies at the wedding with my roomie, Lacey. Isn’t she adorable?

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I recently watched Fever Pitch for the first time, and now I’m more in love with Jimmy Fallon than ever.


I’ve also been obsessing over Bones. I started watching it a few months ago and I’ve blown through five seasons. It’s a perfect homework show.


And as far as pinterest, here are some of my favorite recent pins.

I need to try this.
Love this from Style Me Pretty
And from Refinery 29 are almost making me long for my long hair days.

That’s all for this week! I hope you all have a lovely weekend!

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Spring Wish List

It’s spring and you know what that means! Allergies! Hooray!

To distract myself from my itchy eyes and congested head, I’ve been looking through pinterest and I’ve come up with a few items that I would love to have this spring. Take a look!

Spring wish list 2014

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Art Nouveau Styled Shoot – The Process

Screen Shot 2014-05-03 at 6.31.54 PM

This gorgeous styled bridal shoot started way back in September when Melissa of approached me about collaborating with her. Honestly I had no idea exactly what I was getting myself into. As someone who obsesses over weddings, I consistently read wedding blogs and drool over styled shoots all the time, but looking at photos and making a shoot come to life are completely different things.

Melissa and I began to meet and discuss a vision for the shoot. We wanted to take the style of Art Nouveau and bring it into the present day. As we looked at the work of Alphonse Mucha and William Morris as well as pre raphaelite paintings, we were inspired by the flower crowns, the draping vines and the women framed by intricate designs. One of our goals was to create a shoot that had the influences from this time, but was unique from the many 1920s shoots that are popping up all over the place. We wanted our shoot to stand out.

If you want to take a look at our pinterest inspiration board,click

As Melissa and I began to contact vendors, we realized the size of the task that we had taken on. Many vendors were not wiling to work with us, either because we had never been published before, or simply because they didn’t understand the benefits that this shoot would bring to them. The most difficult vendors to find were the venue and a dress designer. We stumbled upon the Berkeley Faculty Club, and immediately knew that it would fit our needs perfectly. It even had a perfect arch reminiscent of the halos that Mucha would paint around women in his advertisements. As for a dress designer, we eventually gave up looking for a bridal dress and ended up purchasing from Nordstrom. This was one of our best decisions of the entire shoot. This gorgeous dress by Adrianna Papell brought in a unique twist and looked absolutely stunning on our model.

As the planning continued, Melissa brought in her friend to help us with the styling as well as some of the projects. I had found this photo on pinterest and loved how it perfectly created the effect of cascading flowers. We asked Heaven to design a similar piece using paper flowers.


She was amazing and worked really hard to design a beautiful floral backdrop that would be perfect for any wedding. Here is a peak at the finished product.

MelissaErgo_ArtNouveau-101 copy

IMG_7235 copy

Melissa, Heaven and I wanted this shoot to be filled with handmade, unique items. In addition to creating all the paper flowers for the installation, we spent hours applying golf leaf to various fruits, hand dying a photo booth backdrop, photo booth props, a guest book box, place cards, a table number and nature decor.

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When the day of the shoot arrived, Melissa and I loaded up with all of our gathered and handmade decor and headed to the venue, filled with excitement. There, we met Heaven as well as the other vendors.

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Honestly, I felt so intimidated. Here I was, this brand new wedding planner without a single shoot under my belt. Everyone else was so experienced and yet they were looking to me for direction and relying on me to make their hard work look good enough to get published.

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It was a day of intense focus. We had a lot to accomplish in a relatively short amount of time. After dealing with a little hiccup with our venue, we started working. Heaven and I would set up one vignette such as the dining table while Melissa would photograph the vignette we set up prior. Creative adrenaline ran high and the hours passed quickly. The entire time, I just kept thinking “this is it. this is what I want to wake up and do every working day of my life”.

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IMG_7237 copy

I feel so honored and blessed to have been a part of this styled shoot with so many talented people. It was a wonderful learning experience, and even with the difficulties and frustrations, I would do it again in a heartbeat.

I can’t wait to share the finished product with you next week! Also, the fabulous wedding blog, Wedding Chicks published our shoot a few weeks ago.

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A Triple Bacon Cheeseburger Birthday Card

You know those people who have certain things that everyone knows they love? Those people who are incredibly easy to buy and make things for? My youth pastor is one of those people. Purple. Pepsi. Cheeseburgers. Everyone who knows Chris knows that he loves these things.

For Chris 1

Chris is also someone who absolutely loves his job. In general, youth pastors last only a few years before they become burnt out or move up into another pastoral position. Chris has been in youth ministry for over 20 years and his heart for his kids has remained steadfast.
We threw him a big party for his 50th birthday last year. Surprises, a wiffle ball game, flash mob, fellowship hall transformed into the Matrix. Kind of hard to beat.

This year, we stuck with a simple card. Or not so simple. My friend Amber had the idea of making a three-dimensional cheeseburger birthday card.

IMG_9483 copy

We started off by taking a styrofoam ball and cutting it in half. We then cut off the bottom of one half to make the bottom of the bun. The way that the styrofoam cut perfectly imitated the look of bread. We painted it, starting with a light tan color that became darker as it reached the top of the bun. Sesame seeds sprinkled on the top really added to the realistic look.


IMG_9490 copy

For the inside of the card, we cut out tomato, lettuce, bacon, cheese and burger shapes. People wrote on the different layers which, when stacked created the look of actual tomatoes, etc. We crinkled the lettuce, folded the bacon and tucked down the edges of the cheese to make them look more realistic.

P1060552 copy

We used a skewer to puncture a hole into each layer as well as to hold the burger together. Amber used cellophane to create the little sparkle at the top and I made a banner out of card stock. We also painted red and yellow on the bottom of the top bun so it would look like mustard and ketchup when the card was opened up. It’s all in the details. ;)

P1060549 copy

I absolutely love how this project turned out! It was such a perfect collaboration between Amber and I, and it created a unique and personal gift to show Chris our appreciation for how much he does for us.

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photos by Melissa Ergo

photos by Melissa Ergo

If you are reading this, you have probably realized that this blog is under construction.

self portrait

I am a person with many hats. I am a design student and wedding planner. I am a sister, friend and daughter. I am a creator and a dreamer. A coffee drinker and a book reader. A youth group staffer. A nanny. A stylist. An adventurer.

photos by Melissa Ergo

photos by Melissa Ergo

I have many, many ideas for this little internet space. I am working on bringing those to life. For now, consider these photos as a little sneak peak of what is to come.

birthday goodies

photos by Melissa Ergo

photos by Melissa Ergo


I hope that you check back very soon to see how this little blog will change.

If you would like to contact me about design, styling or weddings, I can be reached at the following:
phone: 925.588.5615

photos by Melissa Ergo

photos by Melissa Ergo

photos by Melissa Ergo

photos by Melissa Ergo

My work with Melissa Ergo and Heaven Lee Burr is featured on Wedding Chicks. If you would like to view the full gallery, click on this link.

photo by Melissa Ergo

photo by Melissa Ergo

Thank you for stopping by!


photo by Julia Kinkela

photo by Julia Kinkela